mac vs windows

May 23, 2008

ok, so i just installed a free version of vmware fusion as its a beta version…you can get it on the vmware website and they give you a serial number and everything…

its pretty good actually.

I was using it, and I remembered the one thing I liked better about windows when I switched to a mac.

The way it shows photos in thumbnail view…

I always found the way that mac in panther displayed photos was way inferior to windows xp in the thumbnail dept. Windows showed pictures as proper thumbnails, and tiger just did icons (rubbish).

Anyway, I noticed that leopard has proper thumbnails now, and by right clicking on them and tweaking, I think you can actually get a faster way to scroll through your photos than coverflow…

Right click in finder window, >> show view options
Then set the icons to larger and tighter spacing and change the dropdown menu to “snap to grid” so as you dont have to manually sort all all your icons.

Then click on Set as Default.

Now check that out for cool…

Any problems right click and select “clean up” to see things as they should be…

A few bug bears…

With windows when you resize the window, the icons fall into appropriate columns…
with mac, they just give you scroll bars… this is wierd.

Also why to I have to keep hitting clean up, that should be automatic.

Other than that, I think theres no reason to be on windows, esp with vmware virtual machines! (and maybe the cost of a mac)


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