Small fonts in apple mail

May 23, 2008

I started using apple mail on my new macbook pro, and moved over from entourage, which I’ve used faithfully for 3 years.

I just thought, things are going down the iPhone route, and I want to make life as simple as possible, and I want to use iCal…to sync with my mobile.

Anyway, Apple mail seems to display some email newsletters with really small font size and i was having trouble reading it, so I found a few other people with the same issue, mainly HTML emails from microsoft outlook. Anyway here is the solution:

Close down, open Terminal and type:

defaults write MinimumHTMLFontSize 13

Now start up and Bob’s your uncle — Arial at a size you can read.


One Response to “Small fonts in apple mail”

  1. Nic Says:

    Thanks awfully for this! It’s been a right pain reading those tiny fonts since I switched to Mail.

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