The iPhone review

September 9, 2008

So i’ve been storing up a little series of iPhone posts for a while now./

I’ll just say, I’m amazed by the little black device and how it has probably made – as a -if not more –  significant a change to my life than switching over to a mac from a pc  about 4 years ago…

Why is it so darned good? – Here is a list of things off the top of my head that are definate life improvements!

1. The Remote App


Control my itunes through my phone.  We use an airport express to wirelessly stream from our laptops to our stereo in our lounge, so having to go and find the laptop and change a track especially if its in the kitchen isnt idea, so now with the remote app, we can change our iTunes via the phone. A-mazing.

2. BBC iPlayer and YouTube

So now your phone is a TV, the key feature of this is being able to play Charlie & Lola for Ruby in the mornings without having to get out of bed (a second time).  Invaluable…
YouTube is also good for watching all the videos that are sent during work hours that i don’t have time to watch!

3. Email. The IMAP email is great. My only request is that they would make it searchable, for those emails that you have to find. You can go on the webmail version, but it would be nice in the app.  Generally I set the download frequency to OFF. That way I only get emails when i want them, rather than 24-7.

The other great thing about email is the ability to view attachments, PDF, docs, images, all work really well. And it handles HTML emails perfectly.

4. Weather. Its great being able to get the weather reports with just one click.

5. Photos. I can upload photos to flickr, and facebook – its perfect.  Please can someone bring a video recorder app out soon!

6. Syncing. The syncing side of life is great. Ok so you need a cable, which i’d prefer to not have to do, but i ordered a spare off amazon, so i didnt have to bring one into work (£2.99). But having all my selected playlists sync-ed and contacts, calendars and email its great.  I’ve also worked out how to cut down my sync time and will post about that later

7. GPS.  This should be at the top of this list. This is incredible, and for someone directionally challenged like me, i love it, the first day I got my phone in glasgow, I was walking out of a meeting and turned it on and realised i was walking the wrong way down Sauchiehall st!  This this is great. And i downloaded a free app called GPS tracker which is pretty cool. Just leave it running and come back and see your route on google maps.

8. iPod. Ok, this is actually my first iPod, and i love it.  I suppose the only bad thing about the 2 in 1 is that i was using it to play some tunes at a party in our garden a few nights ago and someone called me. Not the best… I know i can set it to flight mode, but i guess thats when you need to devices…

Any Negatives…?

Overall not many complaints. A few wee things:

1. Ability to not have it backup every time i connect it.

2. Sometimes its a bit jerky when i’m typing

3. Battery life, although i’ve never not got a full day out of it, but it can be tight!

4. I think you should be able to set profiles, for ringer volume etc, it just rings at the current volume setting.

5. Copy and Paste. Everyone is on about this, but it is so badly needed. Say you are on a website and you want to paste the address into a blog note, or you want to copy a phone number etc. Its crazy this isnt in yet.

6. The 3G reception on O2 is really ropey in Edinburgh. Its fine on wifi and when you can connect on 3G but alot of the time i’m back on GPRS i think. Hopefully orange will get the contract soon…

7. Crashes a lot when installing apps. Although it still amazes me how easy it is to install new apps.

8. No skype.  I wish it had skype messaging, there are others, but skype is what i use…

9. No video camera yet. This again seems crazy when it is possible

10. Not able to send contacts… although i know there are cheap apps now available for this [  EmailContact goes for 99¢ and vCard Mailer goes for $1.99. Both apps work on either the iPhone or iPod touch.]

Roll on the 2.2


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