Twitter (part 3)

November 22, 2008

The ins and outs of twitter


Like anything with social media – I guess you have to be careful you know what you’re doing so as you don’t embarrase yourself.  In facebook a lot of peolpe don’t really get the whole wall-to-wall feature, so they flirt away not thinking each post is really that bad, but if you ever click on the link which says wall to wall, you are presented with a whole conversation between two people, which is hilarious, It would be wrong to point any out (but I am very tempted!)

Here are the two main commands (d and @)

d username: sends a private message to a specific individual
Example: @meangrape I love that song too!

@username: sends a public message to a specific individual; this message will archive in their replies tab, and be visible on your profile page
Example: d krissy want to pick a Jamba Juice for me while you’re there?

Here are a few other things that I coppied off the twitter website.  Tracking seems to have been disabled.

3.3. The Official Twitter Commands

Did you know: you can keep Twitter under control from phone, IM, and most 3rd party applications (including Twitterrific!) by using the designated Twitter commands?  Use the commands listed below on all devices for fine-grained control of Twitter updates.

Fun Stuff: friends, favorites, and stats!

There’s more to Twitter than OFF and ON! Use the commands below to send private messages, mark updates as favorites, or even remind someone to update their Twitter if you’re wondering what they’re doing!

  • WHOIS username
  • retrieves the profile information for any public user on Twitter.
    Example: whois jack

  • GET username
  • retrieves the latest Twitter update posted by the person.
    Example: get goldman

  • NUDGE username
  • reminds a friend to update by asking what they’re doing on your behalf.
    Example: nudge biz

  • FAV username
  • marks a person’s last twitter as a favorite. (hint: reply to any update with FAV to mark it as a favorite if you’re receiving it in real time)
    Example: fav al3x

  • this command returns your number of followers, how many people you’re following, and which words you’re tracking.

  • INVITE phone number
  • will send an SMS invite to a friend’s mobile phone.
    Example: Invite 415 555 1212

Twitter Tracking  This feature is currently disabled

Get updates matching specific words, or topics of interest with the track feature.  For example, for updates about the upcoming Coachella concert, send track coachella.  To get the latest buzz about Austin, track SXSW . Track as many words as you want. What’s the catch?  It only works on phone and IM, no API or web tracking…yet!

  • track word: starts tracking a word
  • untrack word: stops tracking a word
  • untrack all: stops tracking all words
  • track off: stops tracking all words
  • tracks: returns a list of words you’re tracking
Hint: track your user name to get an update when someone sends you an @reply!

Noteworthy Facts

  • using on/off username from your device only stops notifications to the device the command comes from; you’ll still collect a person’s updates on the web.
  • using follow/leave username from your device is the same as using on/off username
  • following someone from a device for the first time will also cause you to follow them on the web
  • there is no way to stop following a person on the web without visiting their profile and removing them. The off, leave, stop, and quit commands will only disable updates for the device(s) from which they were sent.
  • you don’t have to use ON/OFF username from IM or phone, you can set individual notifcations from a person’s profile page, or check your following page and manage all friend notifications there.

One Response to “Twitter (part 3)”

  1. stunoble Says:

    Thanks col – very interesting. My twitter thoughts from a while back

    Have you seen twittip: it’s by the same guy who runs, pretty interesting/useful.

    I use twitterfox and the blackberry twitter app, but have recently started experimenting with ping fm.

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