November 22, 2008

Its been a while since I’ve blogged, but I wanted to write a wee bit about something i’ve been finding more manageable recently.


When I first heard about twitter, I went onto the site and i couldn’t believe it, it was all these random people all over the world telling me things I didn’t want to know..

Then you could click on these random people and get updates about what they were doing.
I think I was slightly disturbed at the frequency of some peoples “tweets”.  One guy was in a restaurant and was twittering about how annoying the people next to him were… “This is ridiculous” I thought, and pondered the demise of society and how it had just gone too far.

Anyway some time passed – maybe 8 months, and my buddy Stuartie and Keli who are heading off around the world were taking about the best way to keep in touch, and I suggested twitter may be a good way of keeping in touch with people after being lulled back into the beauty of twitter through this site twittervision which is slightly mesmerising… just looking at all the people all over the world twittering at that very moment… I felt slightly like I was hanging out with God getting a God’s eye view on people.  Anyway another intersting way to look at twitter is twistori I love this too, again i find i get drawn to into it.  A funny one someone told me about the otherday was cursebird the design really affects the content, but its interesting to see how you can just scrape stuff off the web.

Acutally we started trying to use twitter at work for a while, just so we all knew what we were working on, and especially for Mark in NZ, he could twitter – “I’m taking the dog for a walk” and we wouldn’t try and skype him wondering why he wasnt answering… Though that didnt really seem to work out, for some reason none of us were really that motivated to twitter stuff like, “i’m answering emails”. Or “I’m having a meeting” when everyone can clearly see that.  But in the interim. Stuartie started twittering away, and it was good to keep up with him and their progress in buying a boat to sail around the world.  Then I noticed a few other peolpe that were folloing him that I knew, and added them to my follow list.

Moving away from facebook.

I’ve been using facebook less and less these days. I still check it occasionly, its great for photos and random connections from years ago, but as far as writing on peoples walls etc and messaging – email is far more reliable… But when facebook app first came out on the iPhone an intersting feature was that the home screen was just a list of your friends status’ really simple, and i actually liked this.
I noticed some people made reference to things like going to see @jimbob for coffee, and figured out they were actually using twitter. All that to say, thats what I use now every day, and find being limited to 140 chars is a good thing. Also you get to hear about things that peolpe generally wouldn’t either blog or email about, and i appreciate links to things, especially business articles, tech updates, etc.

Thats it for now, I’ll do another post about my twitter setup after I put this loaf in the oven.


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