Doug the artist

October 9, 2008

I met a guy a few years ago from America, and he popped into the office yesterday… it was good to catch up.

He was telling me about a new gallery where he is one of the artists.

Worth a look.


transport of the future

June 30, 2008

Ok.. So I dont know why there is a flurry of transport posts in my blog, but this is all worth it..

Ben Gulak's Uno

Here is the full story

The other thing I am crazy about is segway’s… I had a tour on one in Kansas City a few years ago and it was so much fun, I would LOVE to get one for Edinburgh, but to have the only Segway in the city, would draw too much attention and living in a top floor flat doent really lend itself, but like the iPod which took me 6 years to finally get round to getting one, i do envisage owning a Segway one day…

check out segway here and here is an interesting article

here is a good video too

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