Grrr. Yet another thing about apple mail

If you paste an image into a message or drag & drop an image from another window (say, a Web browser), Mail converts the raw image data to an attachment in TIFF format.

However… if you drag & drop the icon of an image file (or use the Attach button to locate the file using the file browser), Mail leaves the attached image in its original format. This difference is significant, because although most email clients can display JPEG images just fine, support for TIFF – especially in non-Mac email clients – is less common.


apple mail attachments

May 23, 2008

Again. Another thing I have noticed from going to using apple mail from entourage, is that mail deals with attachments really wierdly.

I mean, sometimes you just want to attach a file right?

But if its a jpg or pdf it comes up in the mail as if you have embedded it. No thanks
So I found this handy plugin
Note that without this, when you compose a new message, Mail always shows attachments in the body of your message. You can manually drag them somewhere else, but many email clients display all attachments in a separate list, regardless of where you place them in the message body.

I started using apple mail on my new macbook pro, and moved over from entourage, which I’ve used faithfully for 3 years.

I just thought, things are going down the iPhone route, and I want to make life as simple as possible, and I want to use iCal…to sync with my mobile.

Anyway, Apple mail seems to display some email newsletters with really small font size and i was having trouble reading it, so I found a few other people with the same issue, mainly HTML emails from microsoft outlook. Anyway here is the solution:

Close down, open Terminal and type:

defaults write MinimumHTMLFontSize 13

Now start up and Bob’s your uncle — Arial at a size you can read.