iPhone questions

July 14, 2008

After being on Princes St at 8.02 on Friday 11th July. I looked at the queue outside the carphone warehouse and the queue outside the O2 store (round the corner of the block, and to the door respectively), and chose the carhphone warehouse…20 minutes later with no movement, and the same customers at the desk, I calculated a wait of about 2-3 hours, (only about 20 people in front of me, but 15-20 mins per person and 2 desks…I decided that the risk of not getting one and the annoyance factor of waisting my day were not worth the potential benefit.

Also I was still in two minds about the 8GB vs 16GB. All the guys in the queue were talking about getting the 16GB, and I thought that if i got an 8GB just because i wanted to have one a few days earlier, I’d be pretty annoyed at myself.

So I went and researched it online, and without exception, everyone was advising getting the 16GB model (£60 more).  In many cases, this made sense to me, if it were a laptop, I wouldnt hesitate to get a bigger harddrive, but i still had a niggling feeling that going with the crowd isnt always the best bet.

So being a bit of a devils advocate, I decided upon the 8GB, and when I came to order online, it was actually the only one available.  My main reasoning for the 8GB is this:

1) This is a phone – my current phone has 32 MB and I manage ok, granted its a bit frustrating at times, but its ok.

2) I have all my songs on my macbook, which I always have to hand, and i dont envisage needing 1000’s of songs at any one time.  With the syncing being so fast and easy, I can add and remove as I need to.

3) The main reason was that again, as its a phone and not something I want to hold onto for ever, there will be a much newer, better, faster, stronger iPhone out in 18mths when my contract is up, and it will hopefully have fixed some of the bugs that people are talking about… better camera, video, MMS, etc.  And I’ll happily upgrade, with the £60 that I’ve saved, saying pricing is the same, in 18 mths I’ll have the lower sized iPhone (16GB – for about £30) which is a better option for me.

So thats my 50 cents. Dont think of the iPhone in quite the same way as the iPod or laptop, if you’re on a contract, then upgrades are going to happen, as 02 will want to keep you!


It seems a little more complex than necessary to get British English on my mac.
It seemed to keep reverting to US english when i was doing a spell checker…

But I think I’ve finally cracked it.

Here’s the deal.

Going to system preferences/international/languages (not “input menu”) and putting British English at the top of the list should normally do the trick,

Use the Edit button in the languages pane if British English is not yet on the list.

also tried going to Edit > Spelling > Spelling > Dictionary and set that to British English?