I was looking at the website called compassionart which is something that my friend Jim McNeish introduced me too.

I noticed on the news page that Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter had been killed in a car accident at her home. This is just one of those really tragic events, that it seems hard to believe. Harder for me to come to terms with than 10,000 people dying in China, maybe just because I could imagine how something like that would feel.

Anyway I had a look on the web for the story, and found out he had written a song for his daughters about a month ago, and he tells the story of how he realised that the time rushes by so fast that he needs to appreciate it.

When I heard the song, I just felt like I wanted to make a video of it for some of the clips of Ruby to bring it home.

I know that some people may think its abit soft, but my other excuse is that I wanted to try out iMovie on my new mac. I might make another post of how I actually got it to work with the videos from my phone. But anyway, here are the results

The other link you may want to see are news article
and the original song with the explanation of it afterwards on youtube

Our thoughts are definately with the family.

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