Dropbox…A killer app

August 15, 2008

So I came across this app the other day, and i watched the video on the site. www.getdropbox.com

They seem to have taken the video off at the moment, but i can tell you now. Sign up for the beta. It looks awesome.  Basically it lets you add an option to your folders and then sync them on the web.  It just seems like the feature i’ve been waiting for, for ages… It looks way better than mobile me, or anything i’ve seen before… If you had this, you’d be computer independent, in that you could have all your relative docs sync with this, and access them from anywhere.  Now if you are on a mac and you have Soocial (see this post) then you can get your contacts syncing, and follow my other instructions for getting busysync for your goolge calendars.  So basically you’re all good to go, any computer, files, contacts, calendars, email (IMAP).

I’ll post when i get my invite.





I’ve been waiting for this for ages, just today I got my beta tester invite for soocial.

So I’m really stoked with it so far, it was really easy to install and I love using it in firefox’s sider.

I’m going to post about my overall syncing strategy (before it all changes with the new iPhone) but i’ve got a pretty good system right now

here it is in brief

Address book contacts : soocial syncs with address book, then gmail contacts too

Mail : IMAP google apps mail, means all my folders are synced including sent mail,

Calendar: Busysync for mac, to sync iCal with google calendars,

Phone: Missing sync, syncs phone with computer for calendar and contacts…

Its all working really nicely – happy days.