Twitter (part 2)

November 22, 2008

So last post I explained abit about twitter and why i use it.

This is a little bit more on how I use it, and some thoughts on using it.


I was recently using a dashboard widget for mac called twitgit This was good, but it didnt seem to hook in to growl or provide anyother way of getting notifications, so i only checked it occasionaly… Then I decided to check out twitterific after using it on the iPhone.  This has really changed the way I use twitter now, as it uses growl notificaitons.  It also pops up the window in a really nice semi transparent sidebar


So Pretty cool… and unobtrusive…

Other things

There are a few other great things about twitter. Here is a list for conciseness!

1. A facebook plugin so your tweets are posted to your status (no more status updates)

2. Twitterific can update your skype status too if you use that…

3. You can get text notifications and update from your mobile (not something i’m into)

4. You can upload pictures using twitpic

5. You can upload your location using

Ok that should do it for now… I think there is one post left in this!